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Impro-Theater-Show (Schmidts Katzen, in German)

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"DARE TO FAIL!" and "SAY YES!" are two of the basic rules in Improvisation Theatre, invented by Viola Spolin and Keith Johnstone. These rules are essential not only for this special art form. They´ve got potential to also improve your daily life, and can hopefully create an encouraging atmosphere to speak English!

Improv Theatre might give you new ideas about yourself and others, it will make a difference to normal ways of learning and trying. It´s a training for your abilities
- to trust in yourself and your ideas,
- to pay attention to your partners (not only on stage)
- to create characters and stories
- to find unusual solutions in tricky situations
- to make decisions and take responsability
- and last not least: to embrace "mistakes" and overcome perfectionism

Besides all those useful side effects, improv theatre is a lot of fun. We will get to know a variety of different formats for games and scenes. All of them have got their specific frames and rules, which allow everyone to improvise without getting lost in a million of possibilities.

On Friday November 15th we will attend an improvised crime - show by professional improvisers ("Schmidt´s Katzen" , in German).

EVERYBODY IS WELCOME (as long as there is space) BUT!!!:
If you decide to join: be there in EACH LESSON! (Unless you are seriously ill or injured etc., of course.)
A trustful group atmosphere is essential for theatre work, therefore everyone needs to be reliable.
To get Credit Points, you have to attend at least 2/3 of the seminar time.

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The course is part of admission "S03/3".