BSc ELP 1601 Seminar: Fachenglisch B - Details
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Introduction, What Do OTs, PTs and SLTs Do?, Treatment Methods and Fields of Activity and Clinical Practice, Introduction to Reading Strategies, Portfolio Task 1: Reading Strategies, Reading Strategies: Discussion of Portfolio Task 1, Vocabulary Quiz 1 / Exercises for Reading English-Language Texts, Portfolio Task 3: Places of Work, Active Vocabulary: Describing Places of Work, Portfolio Task 6: Patient-Therapist Communication: Presentation of the Result of the Group Work: Initial Assessment Interview and Treatment, Portfolio Task 6: Patient-Therapist Communication: Initial Assessment Interview / Treatment, Portfolio Task 5: Vocabulary Quiz 2 / Portfolio Task 6: Patient Therapist Communication: Working on Initial Assessment Interview, Active Vocabulary: Talking about Health Promotion and Prevention, Portfolio Task 4: Health Promotion and Prevention, Exercise: Difficult Sentences / Videos about the three Professions

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